Your order

After making your order, you will receive an e-mail about the status of it. To ensure you are still receiving our e-mails, please add our e-mail address to your list of exceptions in the spam folder or add it in your contact list. Please, Keep these e-mails to be able to access them later. The following ones are examples of e-mails you can receive:

Order confirmation This e-mail confirms you have received the order. 

Shipping confirmation This email confirms that your order (or part of it) has been sent from our warehouse. The message will include a link to follow the shipment. The arrival time of the order depends on the shipping method as well as your location.

Refund confirmation This email confirms that our warehouse staff has received and reviewed the order you have returned. The refund has been processed. In the case of a corner and franchise, it will be reflected in the available credit. 

Order cancellation. This email confirms that your order has been canceled. You can receive this message if you have personally requested the cancellation of an order, if the content of the order is out of stock or if we can not send the order for any other reason.


Order Status

It is easy to know the status of your order.

Please, check your e-mail. It is mandatory to introduce a valid e-mail address to process your order, so you can receive messages about the status of it.

Visit the website You can check the status of your order from my account section if you are a registered client. This is the easiest and faster way to get updated information about your order. 

Contact us. If you still having questions about your order, you can get contact with our customer service.


Shopping basket

When you buy in a CLP shop and you add an item in your shopping basket, it is saved for the purchase. The items remain in your shopping basket until you make the purchase or you remove them because out of stock. 

The shopping basket options are:

Check the order. To check the details of the order before process them with our safe purchase process.

Update the order quantity. To update the order quantity. If you want to update the quantity of the products in your shopping basket, you have to select the desired quantity with the item and click at Update shopping basket.

Remove items in your shopping basket Select the item and click at “Remove” or change the quantity to zero and click at “Update shopping basket”.

Continue purchasing. If you want to continue purchasing after checking your shopping basket, please click at “Continue purchasing”. The items will remain in your shopping basket until you make the purchase, you remove them or they get removed because out of stock. You can go back to your shopping basket at any time by clicking at “My shopping basket” at the top of any page.

Process the order. When you are ready to make the purchase, click on “Process the order”. Our purchasing process is fast, easy and safe.